SSCC Knowledge Base

The SSCC Knowledge Base is your primary source of information about using SSCC resources and statistical computing in general.

New Users
Articles of particular interest for new users or others seeking basic information.
Statistical Computing
Articles related to specific statistical software packages and doing statistical work in general.
Remote Computing
Articles related to computing from home or anywhere other than the UW campus.
Articles on sending and receiving email, email lists.
Using Linux
Articles on using the Linux operating system and basic utilities.
Using Winstat
Articles on using Winstat, the SSCC's Windows Terminal Server Farm.
Using Windows
Articles on using the Windows operating system and SSCC resources.
Using OS X
Articles on using OS X and SSCC resources
The Web
Articles about publishing material on the World Wide Web.
Articles on the use of particular applications (other than statistical software and email programs).
Articles on printing.
All SSCC Knowledge Base articles
A list of all SSCC Knowledge Base articles by Publication Number.

This list is organized by topic. The page for each topic lists articles that have information relevant to that topic, and many articles fall under multiple topics. The page All SSCC articles is organized by Publication Number if you already know the Publication Number you are looking for.