Request an SSCC Account

The Social Science Computing Cooperative offers two different kinds of accounts. Please read the descriptions carefully to determine which applies to you.

Lab Accounts

The SSCC offers lab accounts to graduate students or those taking graduate-level classes in the Social Sciences division of the College of Letters and Sciences, as well as any student taking a class whose instructor has arranged to use the SSCC labs. A lab account gives access to the SSCC computer labs and to Winstat, the SSCC’s Windows Terminal Server farm.

Request an SSCC Lab Account

Member Accounts

Those affiliated with departments and agencies which are members of the cooperative may request an SSCC Member account. Members have access to the labs, Winstat, SSCC’s Linux servers, and other services. Students and staff in some departments must have an account sponsor: a faculty member who already has an SSCC account, normally your advisor or supervisor. In other departments, all account request go to a single person for approval.

Request an SSCC Member Account