SSCC News November 2021

Paul Boyer Leaving the SSCC We’re sad to announce that Paul Boyer, who has served the SSCC as one of our PC Support staff, is leaving at the end of November. Paul is taking the next step in his career by joining his alma mater, the Wisconsin School of Business, as a Windows System Administrator. Paul will be sorely missed, but we are thrilled for him to continue his career path to new horizons. With Paul’s departure, Cody Gerhartz will certainly be busy, but we are looking to hire a replacement for Paul as quickly as possible.  While we do our best to provide excellent service to our members, members may encounter some delays in response times. Need to Learn Statistical Software? Being able to manage and analyze data is essential for a quantitative social science researcher, but necessary statistical software and data wrangling skills are rarely taught in official classes. SSCC’s statistical consultants went through the pain of figuring all that out on our own and we don’t think you should have to. If you need to learn Stata, R, or Python, you can start today by working through our online training. We’ll also be teaching all three the …

SSCC News September 2021

Welcome, New Members! We want to extend a warm welcome to all the new members of the Social Science Computing Cooperative, whether you’re a new faculty member, staff member, or graduate student who will use our resources for research, or an undergraduate taking a class that uses SSCC resources. What is the SSCC? The SSCC provides servers, software, training, and consulting to support researchers (and future researchers) who do statistical analysis. If you didn’t attend an orientation session, feel free to email the SSCC Help Desk, tell us about yourself, and ask what we can do for you. What is SSCC News? SSCC News is one of our main ways of getting information to our members. It comes out about once every two months. Please look over the email when you get it and then read the articles that will affect you. If you’d rather not receive SSCC News, email and they can take care of that for you. If you’re no longer interested in SSCC News because you no longer use your SSCC account, they can close it for you. SSCC Fall Training SSCC’s fall training is underway, but it’s not too late to learn Stata or R, …

SSCC News August 2021

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