SSCC News May 2023

Summer Training Schedule

The SSCC’s summer training schedule is still available and the fall training schedule will be posted soon. As always it will include data wrangling classes in R, Stata, and Python and our regular workshop on regression diagnostics. Summer is a great time to fill in any gaps in your skillset, and data wrangling and regression diagnostics are two topics our statistical consultants see a lot. It’s also a great time to learn to use the Slurm cluster!

Monthly Downtimes for Various SSCC Services

Starting in June, our shared NVivo project server and our remote desktop gateway (for remotely connecting to your office computer without VPN) will be rebooted monthly during the usual SSCC downtime, which is 6-8 am on the Wednesday after the 3rd Tuesday of the month.  All of the services impacted by the monthly downtime are:

  • Winstat
  • Linstat
  • WinSilo
  • LinSilo
  • NVivo project server
  • Remote desktop gateway

Slurm nodes are exempt from this list and are taken down for maintenance when not in use.

SSCC Account Renewal

The Social Science Computing Cooperative carries out an annual account exercise to keep our account list up to date.  To renew your account, you should have received an email with a customized link that you will use to renew your account.  Accounts that are not renewed will be closed on June 1, 2023.

If you have graduated or otherwise left UW-Madison, do not renew your account.

The account renewal process has two purposes:

First, to identify accounts that are no longer needed.

Second, to identify the sponsors of each account (i.e., who pays for it). You’ll have the opportunity to update which of our member agencies you are affiliated with. You’ll also indicate how much of your SSCC computing is associated with each agency. This is one of several inputs that determines each agency’s fair share of the Cooperative’s budget.

If you have left UW-Madison but are still collaborating on a project here, renew your account. However, your collaborator should speak with the administrative staff in the agency that sponsors your account about continuing to sponsor it. Note that these decisions are made by our member agencies, not SSCC staff.

Congratulations Jason Struck

We are proud to announce that Jason Struck, one of our esteemed statistical consultants, has achieved his PhD in Second Language Acquisition, from the University of Maryland, College Park. Congratulations Jason!

Computers Over Summer Break

This is a reminder for everyone using an SSCC managed machine to please leave your computer on over summer break so that the SSCC can install important updates throughout the course of the summer.  This helps us ensure that your computer is kept up to date and ready for the fall semester!