Statistical Consulting for Researchers Who are Not Members of the SSCC

The SSCC offers statistical consulting on a paid basis to researchers who are not members of the Cooperative. This includes:

  • Help implementing statistical methods in Stata, R, SAS, SPSS, or Mplus
  • Answers to specific methodology questions
  • General advice and coaching on the use of statistics in your research
  • Assistance in creating an overall data and analysis strategy (often the earlier we are involved in a project the more helpful we can be)
  • Guidance in carrying out complex or difficult data preparation tasks

Note that this does not include carrying out analysis for you. We recognize that norms differ, but in the social sciences researchers are generally expected to do their own statistics and our consulting practice is designed to help researchers become self-sufficient.

The charge for consulting is $100/hour. This includes time we spend researching solutions as well as actual meetings with you, but we will never spend more time than you authorize.

If you are interested in statistical consulting, start by emailing the SSCC help desk a very brief description of your problem (please include what statistical software you use). We will use that information to identify which consultant is most likely to be able to help you. We will then arrange a preliminary meeting where you can discuss the problem in more depth, after which we will determine whether we can help you and how much time it is likely to take.

Our experience is primarily with the statistical methods commonly used in the social sciences. Feel free to request a preliminary meeting on any statistical topic, but we will not take on a problem unless we are confident we have the necessary expertise to help you.