Annual SSCC Account Renewal

The SSCC suspended its annual account renewal process during the first two years of the COVID-19 pandemic so as not to cut anyone off from essential computing services, but as things return to normal, we need to return to annual account renewals as well.

Lab users must renew their accounts by April 4th.  To renew your account, lab users should receive an email with a customized link that you will use to renew your account.

Full members must renew their accounts by May 31st.  To renew your account, full members can follow the link to our account renewal page and follow the instructions on the page.

If you have graduated or otherwise left UW-Madison, do not renew your account. If you go to the form and answer “No” to “Do you want your account renewed?” we won’t send you any more reminders.

If you have left UW-Madison but are still collaborating on a project here, renew your account. However, your collaborator should speak with the administrative staff in the agency that sponsors your account about continuing to sponsor it. Note that these decisions are made by our member agencies, not SSCC staff.