SSCC Annual Account Renewal

The Social Science Computing Cooperative carries out an annual account exercise to keep our account list up to date.  To renew your account, you should receive an email with a customized link that you will use to renew your account.  Accounts that are not renewed will be closed on June 1, 2023. If you have graduated or otherwise left UW-Madison, do not renew your account. The renewal process is slightly different this year: you no longer need to sign in to renew your account. However, to update any information about it, you will need to sign in and be on VPN, Winstat, or a computer on the wired network in the Sewell Social Sciences Building. You may want to do that before starting the renewal process. The account renewal process has two purposes: First, to identify accounts that are no longer needed. Second, to identify the sponsors of each account (i.e., who pays for it). You’ll have the opportunity to update which of our member agencies you are affiliated with. You’ll also indicate how much of your SSCC computing is associated with each agency. This is one of several inputs that determines each agency’s fair share of the Cooperative’s budget. …

SSCC Slurm Cluster

The SSCC’s Slurm cluster has become the place to run big research computing jobs. If you’re still running big jobs on Linstat, it’s time to start submitting them to Slurm instead (it’s easy to do). Linstat will focus on interactive work going forward. We are committed to making large-scale computing as accessible and easy to use as possible. The SSCC’s computing Guide to Research Computing at the SSCC is a great tool to guide you in using Slurm. The SSCC’s Statistical Consultants are also happy to answer questions and help you navigate using the new servers.

Introducing Slurm, the Future (We Think) of Research Computing at the SSCC

Try out our pilot of Slurm, the job management system we think will be the future of research computing at the SSCC. To learn more you can read about it in SSCC News ( or the KB (; or attend a brief workshop on Slurm, in person or online (

Annual SSCC Account Renewal

The SSCC suspended its annual account renewal process during the first two years of the COVID-19 pandemic so as not to cut anyone off from essential computing services, but as things return to normal, we need to return to annual account renewals as well. Lab users must renew their accounts by April 4th.  To renew your account, lab users should receive an email with a customized link that you will use to renew your account. Full members must renew their accounts by May 31st.  To renew your account, full members can follow the link to our account renewal page and follow the instructions on the page. If you have graduated or otherwise left UW-Madison, do not renew your account. If you go to the form and answer “No” to “Do you want your account renewed?” we won’t send you any more reminders. If you have left UW-Madison but are still collaborating on a project here, renew your account. However, your collaborator should speak with the administrative staff in the agency that sponsors your account about continuing to sponsor it. Note that these decisions are made by our member agencies, not SSCC staff.

LabStats Expiring on June 30th 2021

LabStats will no longer be available after June 30th, 2021. LabStats allowed users to Remote Desktop to workstations in the SSCC computer labs. After June 30th users will no longer be able to use LabStats or Remote Desktop to connect to SSCC lab machines. Anyone who requires access to SSCC lab computers will need to do so in person. Remote Desktop access for Faculty and Staff to their office machines is unaffected. We anticipate that this change will have the greatest impact on undergraduate and graduate students. If the suspension of remote access to the SSCC lab computers poses an issue for you, please contact the SSCC Help Desk to make alternative arrangements.